Man Sells His Own Colon on Craigslist

Going Cheap! Any takers?

Anyone who has ever perused the web phenomenon known as Craigslist knows it hosts a wide variety of items.  From the mundane to the rare, it’s all there and it’s all for sale. Recently a particularly peculiar item went up for sale when a young man, (who wishes to remain anonymous) put his colon up for sale. You read right; he’s selling his large intestine. TTLA caught up with him and asked the following questions.

TTLA: Why are you selling your colon on Craigslist?

Anon: Well I tried going the 3×5 card on the grocery store bulletin but I didn’t really get any bites, so I thought, “let’s give this internet thing a try.”

TTLA: And how much are you asking for your organ?

Anon: Um, forty-five dollars. American.

TTLA: That’s not very much money.

Anon: It’s not that great a colon.

TTLA: Is there something specific you want to do with the forty-five dollars?

Anon: There’s this set of chrome lug nuts I’ve been looking at.

TTLA: And what kind of a car do you have on which to place your shiny new lug nuts?

Anon: I don’t actually own a car at the present time, but when I do…bam! Lug nuts! One less thing to worry about.

TTLA: Now, how will the transfer of your colon occur? Will you deliver?

Anon: No, they have to come and actually remove it, then haul it away.

TTLA: I see. And how will you function without a large intestine?

Anon: I guess the small intestine will just have to step up.

At that point in the interview the young man received a phone call inquiring about his colon and we went our separate ways.

Our lasting impression was that the young man was a retard. But should his scheme be successful, this could be just the beginning of a whole new era in web based organ sales, and our friend could become the first internet organ mogul. But most likely he’ll just die.

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