Sarah Palin Not Standing on her Laurels. Keeps Sounding Idiotic

Sarah Palin pointing to the emptiest vessel in the arena.
Sarah Palin pointing to the emptiest vessel in the arena.

Former GOP Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin addressed the NRA (National Retard Association) this weekend claiming that creating gun-free zones is “Stupid on steroids.” The suggestion that schools and other public buildings should be gun free did not appeal to the woman who once said she could see Russia from her house. “How are we to have anything to watch on the news if we do not have school shootings?”

“In Alaska we like our children armed and dangerous. How else will they learn that the more guns you have the better you are? And not that we have that many Jews in Alaska, but how can someone shoot up a Jewish community center if said center was a ‘Gun-Free Zone.'” Palin made goo-goo eyes and spun her finger at her head as she delivered her speech.

The crowd responded enthusiastically shouting, “You tell ’em, Inspector Grandelfini.” Apparently they did not know who was addressing them.

“If more Mama Grizzlies carried guns we’d be really fucked,” said Palin. “They’re dangerous enough already. But I do not deny their rights to pack heat. A cop is too heavy to carry, so let’s reduce him down to just his gun and carry that. Let’s forget that a cop is a trained individual who knows when not to use his gun just as much as he does when to use it. He’s just a gun.”

When asked what they thought of Palin’s comments, delegates at the convention said, “She summed up what everyone would have been thinking if any of us could in fact think. Guns are the most important thing in the world, more important than people, and Grandmaster Choolingus put it just so.”

Sarah Palin proved once again that she is among the stupidest people on the planet, and did so in spectacular fashion, leaving the NRA crowd drooling for more.

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