High school senior class prank leads to 62 arrests


Police about to discover that the doorknobs have been coated in Vaseline. It took several minutes for them to overcome this hurdle.
Police about to discover that the doorknobs have been coated in Vaseline. It took several minutes for them to overcome this hurdle.

TEANECK, N.J. (AP) — Sixty-two students were arrested Thursday after police said they broke into their high school overnight for a senior class prank, urinating in hallways, greasing doorknobs with petroleum jelly and taping hot dogs to lockers. “We probably would have let it slide if the hot dogs had been kosher,” said Officer Ken Usee, “But they used those ones that make the water red when you boil them. They’re just gross.” Police were unable to respond to the call at first because of the Vaseline on the doorknobs. “We just couldn’t get in there, those clever little rascals.”

Police said officers responding to a burglar alarm at Teaneck High School shortly after 2 a.m. also found desks flipped over, chairs broken, graffiti on the walls, silly string on the floors and balloons throughout the building. “The balloons added a festive feeling to the vandalism,” said Usee.

Even before they went inside, police said, officers could see many students through the building’s windows. “They weren’t big on discretion. It still took us a while to determine whether or not these students were the vandals or just concerned kids attempting to clean up after their classmates.”

He said the students told officers that it was a senior prank — an annual tradition at the northern New Jersey school of 1,300 students, though it is usually not this involved. As they were arrested, Carney said, some students were scared but others were laughing. Still others were talking to imaginary rabbits. “These were the ones that concerned us,” Usee said.

“If this was a senior class prank, I just don’t believe that a lot of them realize the seriousness of it as far as breaking into the building,” Sgt. John Garland said. “That’s a burglary and I don’t think they understand that. It’s a very serious offense. I could tell because they kept saying ‘This is not a very serious offense.” “

Pinsak said the school was cleaned up in time for classes on Thursday. The hot dogs were used for lunch.

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